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Dr. Liesl Scalzitti

Helping People Create Meaning and Balance in their Lives
by Promoting Psychological Wholeness and Well-Being

Thank you for visiting my website. I recognize that seeking psychotherapy is a courageous step to take. This may be the first time you are ready to voice certain thoughts or feelings that have remained hidden for a variety of reasons. Or, perhaps you have tried to rid yourself of any psychological suffering you are encountering on your own but have been unsuccessful in doing so. Whether or not you are new to psychotherapy, I welcome you to read further to learn more about my approach towards helping people make changes in their lives.

Creating effective psychotherapy:

As a psychotherapist, my primary hope for all of my clients is to achieve balance and wholeness within their inner self and the world outside around them through patient, careful and thoughtful exploration. To ensure this process transpires, it is essential that a strong connection is created between the therapist and the client. This occurs when the client experiences trust, safety, comfort and a sense of being genuinely understood. Hopefully from this point, intimacy develops further as deeper exploration invites the client to open up and voice thoughts and feelings that are not usually, if ever, verbally expressed. In turn, a meaningful process unfolds for the client whereby change begins to take place.

My Approach:

As a clinical psychologist, I am trained to work from a depth psychological perspective. The logo affixed at the top symbolizes my approach. The sun symbolizes that which we are aware of and know about ourselves. The moon symbolizes those actions, feelings and/or thoughts that we do not understand yet desire to get a handle on. The butterflies located on the outer rim of the sun and moon symbolizes change and the hope for meaningful transformations to take place in our lives.

From a depth perspective, I believe successful therapy occurs when a blending between that which we are aware of and that which we are not begin to come together. This process starts by exploring what exists underneath the surface of the presenting symptoms. This is done by gaining a thorough understanding of the client's view of the situation while also exploring dreams and fantasies that hold significant meaning to the client. When significant meaning occurs, a new level of insight is reached. It is my hope that not only a deeper appreciation regarding the root of the problem is attained, but also a new direction whereby the client is able to develop and utilize more effective coping skills, communication skills, and abilities to make more thoughtful and productive decisions. Ultimately, the client leaves therapy living a more functional and authentic way of being.

About Me:

As a psychotherapist, I am passionate about helping people make lasting changes in their lives and have been striving to do so during the past 20 years. My passion to provide quality mental health care has led me to seek training first as a licensed clinical social worker and then as a licensed clinical psychologist.

My education and training as a clinical social worker sensitizes me to the issues of cultural diversity and prepares me to carefully consider how culture, ethnicity and socioeconomic status plays into clients' views of psychotherapy as well as their hope and expectation of what to gain from it. My training and education as a clinical psychologist strengthens my approach to understanding and working with clients' issues in therapy whereby the root of the problem can be uncovered and worked through allowing insight and change to take place.

My experience with children/adolescents and families:

As a clinical social worker, I have worked with youth and their families dealing with diagnoses including depression, anxiety, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, bipolar disorder, oppositional defiant disorder and autism. In the foster care system, I treated youth dealing with issues of neglect, and emotional, physical and sexual abuse. In the school system I worked with youth experiencing difficulty with being successful in school due to significant mental health challenges. I am familiar with the special education system and can help parents navigate their way through it in efforts to help their children receive the most suitable level of care within the educational system.

My experience with adults:

As a clinical psychologist, my training focused on treating individual adults and couples. I treat adults facing depression, anxiety, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, past childhood abuse, addictive traits, struggles with family relations, issues of sexuality and/or gender identity and general marital problems


I earned my Doctoral degree in clinical psychology with an emphasis in depth psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, California. I earned my Masters in Social Work with an emphasis in mental health and a specialization in family therapy from the George Warren Brown School of Social Work at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri.

Dr. Liesl offers the following services to consumers in the Santa Clarita Valley and surrounding areas:

      • Individual Therapy
      • Child/Adolescent Therapy
      • Couples Therapy
      • Family Therapy
      • Group Therapy*
      • Clinical Supervision*

* Group therapy is offered when there are enough clients (5-7) to participate in a therapeutic setting.

* Dr. Liesl offers clinical supervision on a private basis for Associate Clinical Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapist Interns, and Psychological Assistants. Please contact Dr. Liesl for further information on the clinical supervision she offers.

Aetna • Blue Shield of California • Value Options • Behavioral Health Services Inc. • Mental Health Network


Quality clinical supervision is the cornerstone of helping a clinician blossom into becoming an effective healer. Similar to psychotherapy, a strong connection built between the supervisor and supervisee is absolutely necessary. Safety, trust, comfort and a feeling of being understood are the ingredients to creating a dynamic learning environment.

In essence, I attempt to set up a parallel process between the psychotherapy that is provided by the supervisee and the supervisory relationship. I emphasize the use of self in the relationship in psychotherapy and the significance of the counter-transference that is experienced with the client. Emphasis is placed in this manner to help create an even stronger connection with the client to facilitate effective changes to take place within the self. It is important to note that while my approach to supervision elicits the supervisee to consider how personal issues can get in the way of treating a client, I set a clear boundary with the supervisee to ensure that supervision is taking place only. I will refer my supervisee to a psychotherapist and strongly encourage him/her to follow through with this in order to become more aware of his/herself. The better awareness of oneself, the more effective is the healer.

I am currently able to provide supervision to Associate Clinical Social Workers, Marriage and Family interns, and psychological assistants. I have been providing supervision for the past 4 years.


Dr. Victoria Catlin-Walton

Victoria Catlin-Walton

MFTI license # 65826

As human beings, we are all deserving of a fulfilling life, one that is open and flexible to the abundant possibilities and opportunities available. Relationships motivate us to connect together to become involved with one another. Life is enriched through the emotional ties we have that bond us to each other, as well as to ourselves. We are not meant to exist in isolation. As your therapist, my primary goal is to help you to establish a strong and meaningful relationship with others and most importantly, with yourself. Let us work together, not to fix what is broken, but to provide a non-discriminatory space for you to rekindle your hope. Every person will bring their own personal history, their own value system and their assumptions about psychotherapy and therapists. Allow me to address your concerns.

Cathy Molloy

Cathy Molloy

MFTI license # 74113

As a Christian therapist, I use a unique blend of professional Christ-centered Counseling and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to work to identify and understand the thoughts and feelings that influence behavior patterns. Many people face difficult situations in life. If you're dealing with depression, anxiety, anger, addiction, or relationship and/or parenting issues, it's very important that you seek at least an initial consultation. Together we will discuss steps to move forward--the earlier the better. Please call or email me for an individual, couples or family therapy consultation today.

As a Christian Marriage and Family Therapist Intern, my clinical training compliments my Biblical worldview. I offer professional counseling that focuses on the whole person- mind, body and soul, where clients have the freedom to talk about their beliefs, while at the same time making sense of difficult life experiences.

I have experience working with families of children with Autism, working with families who serve in pastoral ministry (my husband of 22 years is a pastor/church planter), and understand the joys and challenges of foster-care (one of our five children is a foster child and cancer survivor).

You may contact Dr. Liesl

by phone at 661 713-1106

by email at psychdoc@drliesl.com

25000 Avenue Stanford ~ Suite 106 ~ Valencia, CA 91355
Phone: 661-713-1106 ~ www.DrLiesl.com
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